About The Diaper Pantry

The Parent Place opened the doors to the diaper pantry in 2006.  We serve around 200 babies and their families each month in our diaper pantry.  Last year we had 1,854 visits to our diaper pantry, serving babies and their families.  

Our diaper pantry is 100% community donated.  We receive no federal or state grants for our pantry.


While diapers are the draw for the family, the true purpose of the program is to create a relationship with families of children two years and younger.  Quite often these families have little or no support during this very trying time.

Establishing an ongoing relationship with these parents/caregivers allows them to feel comfortable to ask us about other concerns and needs they have in their life.

Our diaper pantry is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  

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We provide diapers and offer education to our families as well on various topics such as nutrition, literacy, car seat safety, information on healthy parent/child relationships and more.

Workshops are provided on topics such as potty training, 1-2-3 Magic (positive discipline) and more.  

As a child abuse prevention agency, The Diaper Pantry eliminates the need for a child to be harmed before services are given. We are proud to be an organization helping parents to reduce the stress in their homes, creating a healthier environment for the whole family.


Our diaper pantry is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  

What to Bring

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In order to receive diapers, please bring:

  • Picture ID with current address

  • ID for each child/children receiving diapers (medical card, birth certificate)

  • Referral from Social Service Agency or your child’s physician

  • If you are the Guardian, please bring Guardianship papers stating you have guardianship