Postive Co-Parenting Classes (Court-Mandated)

An Illinois Supreme Court ruling became effective July 1, 2006 that states all parents with minor children who separate/divorce must complete a four hour court-mandated parenting class.

The Parent Place designed the Positive Co-Parenting Program in 2006 to meet the needs of families (in this situation).

Positive Co-Parenting is designed to provide parents with the tools necessary to maintain focus on their children during the process of rebuilding after a separation/divorce.

Each facilitator teaching this class is an approved family mediator, completing their education at either Northwestern University School of Law or St. Louis University School of Law. Our mediators hold Masters degrees in counseling, human services, child and family studies, or related fields. They each have years of experience as a parent educator.  Some educators are licensed counselors and hold certifications in Nurturing Parenting, Trauma Informed Care, Parents as Teachers, sex abuse education and more.

The fee for the class is on a sliding scale. Please click SIGN UP NOW to register online or call 217-753-8730 for more information.

If I could invent a time machine and go back and have my parents take the Positive Co-Parenting class and undergo family mediation, it would have probably saved many years of heartache and disappointment, both with us kids and also with each other. I can’t thank The Parent Place enough for bringing the mother of my children and I together, under such stressful times, and guide us in working together as parents and also reaching a decision as to what is the best interest for our children.

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