Family Mediation

Mediation provides an opportunity for families to resolve conflict effectively, while eliminating a win/lose situation. Mediation is being used by an increasing number of parents to work out relevant issues in a cooperative process as opposed to a competitive one.

Mediation allows both parents to have a voice. Our mediators ensure both voices are heard while everyone collectively works toward a resolution.

Our trained mediators are also parent educators.  Each mediator is a facilitator of our court-mandated Positive Co-Parenting classes.  

They understand that the process of mediation is most successful with couples who remain child-focused.

Children have the right to know and love both of their parents. Children also have the right to be emotionally and financially supported by both of their parents.

Each family mediator is on the approved list of mediators for the 4th, 7th, and 8th Judicial Circuits in Illinois.  Each family mediator completed their education at Northwestern University School of Law and St. Louis University School of Law. They each years of experience as a parent educator and hold Masters degrees in counseling, human services, child and family studies, or related fields.    

Sessions typically last 1.5 hours and the fee is $125 per parent.  Please call 217-753-8730 to schedule your mediation session.

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