The Program

An intensive, family-based 16-week program

The Nurturing Mothers Education and Support Program will specifically be for mothers who have recently been incarcerated with the Illinois Department of Corrections or Sangamon County jail, and also referred through the Sangamon County Family Court.

mothers, nurture yourselves from within

This program will utilize The Nurturing Parenting Program, which is an evidenced-based DCFS approved program. It is founded on the belief that mothers need to first nurture themselves from within, and that a child who is cared for can learn to transfer their caring onto others.

The program will include a 16-week intensive program that is family based and designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. The focus will be on positive parenting and child development, positive discipline, concrete support, social and emotional competence of children, and healthy parent- child relationships. This program will also include supervised parenting time, which allows our parent educators to observe and see them implement what they learned in class. Family coaching and ongoing support groups are also available.

By equipping these mothers with positive parenting skills, techniques and support, they can be motivated to keep their families together and will be less likely to reoffend.



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